Information Architecture

Site Objectives

Primary Goals

  • Design and develop an e-commerce website for JoyBox
  • Establish an online presence for promoting the JoyBox app and distributing educational resources

Immediate Site Objectives

  • Captivate users through a rich UX and modern intuitive UI
  • Explain the JoyBox concept, process and pathways to purchase in a clear and concise manner
  • Create an inviting, appeal to Millennial parents and grandparents alike
  • Adhere to e-commerce best practices to ensure an intuitive experience for grandparents

KPI // Key Performance Indicators

  • Lead and Conversion rates
  • Newsletter Registrations
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Page Speed and UX Scores


Who Are They

  • Primary: Millenial parents
  • Secondary: Grandparents and Older consumers
  • Shower gift-givers / friends and family

Method of Information Retrieval

  • Mobile will be the primary consumer touchpoint
  • Desktop and tablets will likely be the primary touch-point for older users

Digital Literacy Considerations

  • Traditional, modern User Interfaces and e-commerce best practices will be used to maximize accessibility ans ease of use across multiple demographics
  • User Experience will be designed to target the younger, more web savvy primary audience

Site Map

  1. Home home
  2. How it Works page-howitworks
  3. Get Started page-start
  4. Products
    1. Featured Boxes page-boxes
      1. Single Box page-box
    2. Build a Box page-builder
    3. Videos
    4. Music
    5. Toys
    6. Gift Cards
  5. Gifts page
  6. Login / Register page
    1. My Account page-account
  7. About page
    1. Our Approach page
    2. FAQs page-faq
    3. Videos archive
  8. Blog archive
    1. Taxonomies (Tags, Categories, Authors) archive
    2. Single Article single
  9. Testimonials page
  10. Milestone Minutes (Future) archive
    1. Single Video article-video
  11. Contact Us page-contact
  12. Cart cart
    1. Checkout (Whitelabeled Shopify Checkout)
  13. Search search
  14. Get The App page
  15. Press & Media archive
    1. Single article article
  16. Sitemap page
  17. Terms & Conditions page
  18. Privacy Policy page

Technical Specs

  1. Shopify CMS & Shopping Cart
  2. Plugins:
    1.   Chimpify - Syncs Mailchimp lists with customers
    2.   Shopify Ratings & Reviews - Product reviews and ratings
    3.   Budle Products - Sell product bundles
    4.   Digital Downloads - Secure delivery of digital goods sold on the website
Bootstrap 3
Responsive UI/UX framework
Mailchimp ESP
Email newsletter system
Google Analytics
Website usage and tracking
Social media sharing
  • Provided by Shopify
  • DNS owned by client:
  • Digital media hosted on Amazon AWS
  • All traffic secured via SSL Certificate
  • Authenticated backend (email & password or Google SSO)
  • Use of Shopify Risk Analysis on all purchases
  • No storage of sensitive or financial customer data

Website Features

All features beyond basic platform functionality are outlined and defined as follows

Blog / News
  1. Post articles organized by taxonomies
  2. Taxonomies: Categories, Tags
  3. Archives: Author, Blog, Categories, Tags
How It Works
  1. Custom Page Showing infographic of How it Works
Product Bundles / Boxes
  1. Create bundles of products for customers to purchase
  2. Allow customers to create their own bundles
  3. Manage bundle prices and discounts seperate for individual purchase price
Gift Cards
  1. Sell digital or physical gift cards redeemable on the JoyBox website
Product Reviews
  1. Allow registered users to review and rate products
  2. Supports basic moderation and public responses
Shopper Accounts
  1. Allow customers to check out as guests or sign in to access saved shipping preferences and contact information
  2. Track purchase history, manage profile information and newsletter subscriptions
Press & Media
  1. Page for supplying company & product info, brand assets and contact information
  2. Post press releases, announcements and awards seperate from consumer blog
Contact Forms
  1. Send messages via the website using email
  2. Direct messages to recipients based on form configurations (backend)
Site Search
  1. Search all site content or products only by name or keyword
    • Sort products by category, price, type
Newsletter Registration
  1. Registration form for Mailchimp newsletter list
  2. Includes basic styling of Mailchimp email templates to match website aesthetic
Social Media Integrations
  1. Share buttons: Facebook, Pinterest, Google+
SEO Tools
  1. Edit meta tags and content on a per-page/product basis
  2. Manage redirects for legacy URLs and new vanity URLs
Promotional Pop-up
  1. Display a modal window to visitors for marketing purposes such as newsletter sign-up, coupon codes and other campaigns
  2. Edit text and embed media via WYSIWYG editor
  3. Uses browser cookies to control the frequency of the pop-up on return visits

Template Design

Initial presentation will include three (3) design concepts consisting of a homepage and the build a box page.

Unique Templates

Unique templates represent the lions share of design efforts. These templates will include X number of revisions and a formal approval process prior to any development.

  • Home home
  • How It Works page-howitworks
  • Build a Box page-builder

Style Based Pages

While the pages below are unique in their layout, they will they conform to the styles and standards created in the unique templates. Internal design comps will be created and used to ensure a consistent feel and flow with the unique templates. Though they will not require or include a formal approval and revision process.

  • Standard Page Template page
  • Box page-box
  • Blog Page archive
  • Article article
  • Products products
  • Single Product single-product
  • FAQs page-faq
  • Account account
  • Cart cart
  • Contact page-contact
  • Search Results search