Bundle of Joy Kits

weeSchool's Bundle of Joy Kits are the ultimate playing-and-learning toolkit for every stage of your baby's journey from birth to three. Included in every Bundle is a Watch & Listen Gallery and our oh-so-helpful (and research-based) Play Plans, which tell you the best ways to engage and entertain your child so he or she learns along with the fun. (And the Bundles do make fantastic baby shower gifts, if we do say so ourselves. Calling Grandma and Grandpa!) 

How it works


Pick your theme
Choose from three terrific themes – Sweet Dreams, Classical Toys, and MacDonald's Farm.  
You know your child best! Customize your Bundle by deciding which toys to include from our engaging, educational options.
Play smart
It's a gift, for you too! Included in each Bundle is a set of Play Plans (laminated cards, because: babies) that tell you how to get the most out of the Music, Videos and Toys with your child.

Our Bundles

Bundle of JoyTM Toy Chests

Our Bundles of Joy are the ultimate resource for playing-and-learning with your wee one. Every Bundle of Joy includes a Watch & Listen Gallery (DVD+CD), developmental toys and a set of six, research-based Play Plans. The Play Plans provide ideas for engaging with your wee one in meaningful play.

A perfect gift for any child under age three!

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Classical Toys

Babies and toddlers love toys. So do we! And we've included a bunch of them in our Classical Toys Bundle. Set the mood with our mesmerizing Toys video that's filled with fun surprises and incredible music that your child will love. Then stack, sort, pull and pound your hearts out with our must-have starter toys curated with Melissa and Doug™, one of our favorite toy companies.

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MacDonald's Farm

Children are fascinated by animals of all shapes and sizes, and love learning to mimic their silly sounds. Our MacDonald’s Farm Bundle introduces children to a range of friendly farm animals and their zany world. After the show it's time to build your own farm, complete with soft hand puppets and farm sound blocks. Old McDonald never had it so good!

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Sweet Dreams

Though it might not seem like it at 2am, children under the age of three spend a lot of time sleeping. Our Sweet Dreams Bundle includes everything you need for a peaceful and soothing bedtime routine. A warm bath, a bedtime book and a cuddly animal friend is the sweetest way to say goodnight.

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