About Us



Hi! I’m Julie Clark, a mom and the CEO of weeSchool.

As a new parent of two little girls years ago, I was inspired to start the Baby Einstein Company to create the best entertainment for babies—but what I was able to do was limited by the narrow technologies of the time. It’s super exciting that today, digital media has made it easier than ever for parents to access the right content for their wee ones.

But how do you know what stuff is right for your baby’s developing mind? That’s where weeSchool, my newest baby, comes in.

We’ve put the creative team behind Baby Einstein back together, with the addition of some incredible new members. We’re a small group of parents who also happen to be teachers, curriculum developers, musicians, writers, editors and video professionals. We have just one goal in mind: to create the most qualified, fun early-learning and play system, based on the highest standards of infant and child development. This research backbone is supported by original eBooks, music, videos, curated toys, and play plans that will help you TURN YOUR WEE ONE’S FIRST THREE YEARS INTO THE FOUNDATION FOR A LIFETIME OF LEARNING.

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