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Newborns Don’t Come With Instructions, But “wee" Can Help July 11 2016, 0 Comments

Taking Care of Newborn Babies

Have you ever thought about how, after our babies are born, the hospital staff wheels us all the way out to our car and then checks if our newborn is buckled safely into their car seat—but then leave us with nothing to prepare for the future ahead as new parents? I honestly wish that one of the things we received after giving birth, besides coupons for formula and a lot of good wishes, was a parenting guide to bring home with our precious new babies.

There’s a lot to think about. Those first few days, weeks, months can become a complete blur as we begin to connect with, understand and survive the demands of a newborn. All I can say is this: take lots of pictures and videos during that blur—you’ll be glad you did. And over time you’ll begin to see the patterns in your baby’s cries, and will marvel at the each developmental milestone your child reaches.   


Trust Your Own Natural Skills

As a team member at weeSchool™, I want to welcome and encourage you to share your journey with us as your baby grows. I’ve been so fortunate to have given birth to 3 adorable children, each birth experience its own story and each baby needing his or her own special ways to keep them happy, growing and learning every day.

As you begin to figure out this parenthood thing—which trust me, you will—you’ll find your skills of observation and creativity will be some of your best tools of survival. (Many days it does feel like survival!) It might be you realize that humming soothes your baby, or you finally discover a special way your wee one wants to be held during nursing. I learned that in the middle of the night in the hospital with the birth of my second child; I had a very unhappy baby and one amazing nurse!

You’ll discover your superstar bath time helpers that make tub time with your baby a breeze, even if he hates water on his head like my little one did. We found a few special songs that got us through those miserable moments. I wish I’d had the weeTunes in weeSchool’s Bathe app to help me along back then, instead of winging it! 


Discovering Early Childhood Tools for Parents

When I was a new mom with my son, I was going to college for a degree in early childhood education. I actually got to witness my textbook lessons in my son’s progression as he hit milestones after milestone! That was so helpful -- learning and figuring out the world for my new baby—but I know that’s not a typical opportunity. Many years later, having given birth to my second and third children (both baby girls), I didn’t have to crack open quite as many books. One, because of experience; but two, because I had the vast resources of the online world. As any parent who has Googled deep into the night knows, it's both a curse and a blessing.

With so many available resources, it’s easy to hit information overload. But I’m pretty excited to say that weeSchool has found a way to shut out the noise and simply bring you all the information about milestones in one place, so you can understand how to support your baby’s growth, keep track of his or her achievements—and even share them with Grandma and Grandpa, all from the weeSchool Milestones app.

At last! The instruction manual that didn’t come with your little bundle of joy. Having the information you need to be the best parent possible means that you’ll have more opportunities to simply enjoy all the little moments with your baby.


weeSchool: Where Parents Learn to Play and Babies Play to Learn.

Kim Vij is Social Media Manager and Editor at weeSchool. She is a busy mom of 3, author, early childhood educator, blogger and cofounder of the popular website, The Educators’ Spin On It.

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