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“The play’s the thing.” —William Shakespeare February 15 2016, 0 Comments

As a former English teacher, nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to quote The Bard. And though Hamlet’s use of 'play' refers to a theatrical production, the line itself does hold true of the other form of play. Because play, it turns out, is the thing.

With the exception of unconditional love, there's nothing more important in the life of a wee one. So many amazing things happen in the brains of kiddos when we get down on the floor and just play. Roll a ball. Stack some blocks and knock them down. It seems simple enough, right?

But in a world where we're so often overwhelmed with work and bills and laundry and dealing with this thing we call life, we've forgotten how to play. Just play. Look into your child's eyes and you'll see the brightest sparks of ideas connecting and creating. They're born to play. And more than anything in the world, they want to play with you.

Way back when I came up with the idea for The Baby Einstein Company, I was relearning how to play. I had a baby. She was everything to me. And when I did my best, I could see how incredible everything in the world was through her brand new eyes. A flower. The feel of the grass on her chubby little knees. The joy she expressed over a repetitive game of peek-a-boo was palpable. She laughed until she cried at a dragon puppet on my hand. There was nothing like that joy.

weeSchool is really about teaching grown ups how to play. Seems silly that we need to relearn something that came so naturally to us as babies, doesn’t it? But when we play, our children learn. And they have fun doing it. It’s the best of both worlds. So check out our Play Plans, which come with all of the toys that we carry.

And make a play date. With your baby.

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