What is weeSchool?

weeSchool was founded by the award-winning creators of Baby Einstein™. Quite simply, weeSchool provides new parents with the tools and resources they need to be their child’s first, most-important teacher. We started by creating a formal curriculum framework for birth to age 3, called the weeSchool First Concepts Inventory. It provides a month-by-month roadmap for the development of physical, intellectual and social skills. We use the First Concepts Inventory to identify age-appropriate activities and resources, and to guide our editorial development. The outcome is a collection of resources you can trust.

weeSchool resources are appropriate for children of what ages?

weeSchool toys, books, media and toys are intended for use with children from birth to age 3. Our apps provide parents with useful and timely information. Our content is designed to engage and delight wee ones, and expose them to important concepts.

Are weeSchool products intended for both children and parents?

weeSchool apps are parenting tools, providing information, guidance and resources management to new parents. Content presented via the music, video and e-books ­apps is intended for parents to share with their children. weeSchool does not encourage a child’s independent use of apps before age 2. WeeSchool-recommended toys, of course, are intended for play by children of all appropriate ages.

Why are weeSchool videos better?

At weeSchool, we believe in visual learning with three guiding principles. First, content matters. Second, parent-child co-viewing is recommended. Third, visual and auditory experiences should be extended to physical play. weeSchool videos expose very young children to important concepts, natural sights and sounds and great art, all aligned with our First Concepts Inventory. weeSchool videos feature all new content produced at the highest technical standards. When used with the weeSchool Watch app, the concepts being illustrated in each scene are documented for parents, and the amount of daily screen time is recorded.

What is a Bundle of Joy?

Each Bundle of Joy contains three core components.

  • A Watch & Listen Gallery that includes a beautiful video (DVD plus downloads to an iOS device), and a 25-minute (or longer) musical experienceon CD.
  • Quality, timeless toys selected by age appropriateness and developmental skill.
  • A set of Play Plans, one for each recommended toy, to help parents engage in meaningful play with their wee one.

Can I buy weeSchool products à la carte?

All weeSchool products are listed in our JoyStore, including links to free apps on the Apple App Store. You can purchase individual weeSchool videos, music albums and ebooks, and create a customized Bundle of Joy (coming soon!) at the JoyStore

Where can I find a list of toys featured in the videos?

The toys featured in weeSchool videos are listed in two places, by video title in our JoyStore and within the weeSchool Watch app.  Both lists include links to retail outlets where the toys are commercially available.

Are weeSchool apps available for Android?

Presently our apps work only on iPhone® and iPad®. We intend to release our apps on Android in the future. Sign up for announcements!

 System requirements:

  • Apple iPad (running version iOS 9.0 and later)
  • Apple iPhone 4, 5 and 6

    How can I view weeSchool videos?

    weeSchool videos can be viewed in three ways ­– on DVD, via wi-fi streaming using the weeSchool Watch app, and by replaying a downloaded copy of the video using the weeSchool Watch app. Access the options to download or stream a video using the weeSchool Watch app by tapping the video’s cover art.

    Where can I find customer support?

    Drop us a line at support@weeSchool.com

    My order hasn’t arrived! Now what?

    Contact us at support@weeSchool.com.

    My weeSchool order arrived damaged. Now what?

    Contact us at support@weeSchool.com so we can arrange a replacement.

    What are my shipping options?

    Free shipping is available for orders over $49. Rush orders are available, but involve additional charges.

    I’m a retailer. Can I purchase products for my store?

    Please contact sales@weeSchool.com and we'll be in touch with details.

    I’m with the media. Who should I contact?

    Contact our media team at media@weeSchool.com

    I have an interesting opportunity to discuss. Who should I contact?

    Please contact jeff@weeSchool.com  We love cool opportunities!